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  • Dec072017

    Are You Ready for National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day?

    You’re right – it seems like we have an official “National Day” for almost everything. So, do we really need…

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  • Nov202017

    Dentistry of the Carolinas Now Open in Dilworth

    Dentistry of the Carolinas Now Open in Dilworth Great News! We’re officially in our new Dilworth digs! We have relocated…

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  • Nov072017

    Tanja Sinanovic Celebrates 20 Years With DOC!

    Tatjana “Tanja” Sinanovic has been a familiar face at Dentistry of the Carolinas since 1997. After the outbreak of war…

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  • Oct162017

    Bleeding Gums: Say What?!

    By Cassie Price, Registered Dental Hygienist; DOC – Monroe Research shows more than 50 percent adult Americans have gingivitis –…

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  • Oct102017

    Cavity Prevention Tips for Good Oral Health

    By Crissy Lee, Registered Dental Hygienist; DOC – Gastonia In commemoration of Dental Hygiene Month in October, become an oral…

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  • Oct052017

    A Healthy Mouth Can Make a Healthier You!

    By Jennifer Cannady, Registered Dental Hygienist; DOC – Myers Park It’s Dental Hygiene Month! In addition to celebrating the great…

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  • Aug032017

    DOC Dental Program Brings Healthy Smiles and Healthy Savings

    For many patients, dental care is the largest out-of-pocket medical expense. While it may be tempting to skip a tooth…

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  • Jul242017

    Myers Park Office to Relocate to Dilworth

    This Fall, our Myers Park office on Montford Drive will be moving just up the road to Dilworth, less than…

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  • Jul072017

    Preventing cavities: Updated guidelines on fruit juice

    It’s no longer just the dental community warning parents to take extra precautions with fruit juice for babies and children.…

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  • Jun082017

    Is An Electric Toothbrush Really Better for My Teeth?

    It’s a question we are often asked and, in a word – yes. It really is and for a variety…

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