Meet “Flossy” the Mascot

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Flossy's Patient Chart

  • Full Name:      Flossy Bicuspid
  • Birthplace:      Tooth Fairy Land
  • Age:                Unknown
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Flossy's Background

Tooth fairies collect teeth from underneath pillows each night and bring them back to Tooth Fairy Land. They plant these little teeth in a Tooth Garden to sprout new baby teeth. One tooth grew a bit too big to be a baby tooth, this was Flossy. The Fairies didn’t know what to do with Flossy until they decided that he would be sent to the human world full time to teach kids how important it was to take care of their teeth.

Flossy has had to get used to the differences between here and Tooth Fairy Land, such as:

•  Trees do not grow gumdrops
•  Sour Patch Kids are not found on playgrounds
•  Most importantly, you could NEVER get cavities in Tooth Fairy Land like you can in the human world if you don’t take care of your teeth!

Flossy loves sweets and candy and cookies and especially Surfer Cooler flavored Capri-Suns. He used to surf the molasses ocean in Tooth Fairy Land, it moved very, very slowly which was perfect for him because he’s kind of big and slow himself!

Today Flossy always keeps his trusty toothbrush handy so he can stay clean and shiny, plus he’s happy to give kids a quick brushing when they’re not watching.

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Flossy's Likes:

• Mixing all the different Slurpee flavors together
• Giving hugs
• Knock, Knock jokes
• Taking selfies with everyone he meets

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Flossy: Knock, knock.
Dr. Hammock: Who’s there?
Flossy: Dishes.
Dr. Hammock: Dishes, who?
Flossy: Dishes how I talk since I lost my teeth!

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Flossy's Dislikes:

•  Strict Bedtimes
•  Narrow doorways
•  Bobbleheads (he can’t ever tell if they’re saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’)

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Say Hi to Flossy

Be sure to look for Flossy at community events. And don’t forget to give him a high-five or a hug!