About Us

Dr. John T. Walsh founded his first practice off Freedom Drive in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1992. What began as a single, general dentistry practice has grown into eight general and multi-specialty offices in and around Charlotte. Dentistry of the Carolinas is proud to be a family owned and operated company. Dr. Walsh’s three daughters, daughter-in-law, and son-in-law are members of the corporate team and work to ensure Dr. Walsh’s vision of providing excellent, accessible, and affordable care to patients remains true.

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8 Locations, 1 Near You

With eight general dentistry and multi-specialty offices in and around Charlotte, there’s sure to be a location close to you – one that you can count on to provide excellent, accessible and affordable dental care.

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Delivering Excellence in Your Care

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence in dental healthcare while maintaining a safe, clean, fun and comfortable environment for our patients and our staff.

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In the Community

We stay connected to our patients by supporting various organizations and events in the communities where our patients live.

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Dedicated to Smiles

We are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles with our team of friendly and caring professionals who are proud to serve you.