Are You Ready for National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day?

Are You Ready for National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day?
December 7, 2017 Jennifer Krupa
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You’re right – it seems like we have an official “National Day” for almost everything. So, do we really need a National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day? Well, we’d ask you to reflect for a moment on that friend, co-worker or family member (and we all know one) whose breath could make a skunk run for the hills. So yes, maintaining fresh breath is vital, and worthy of a day of recognition – which this year is December 12 by the way.

So how exactly does one regularly achieve fresh breath without ingesting an entire Altoids tin every day? The first step is diligent and proper dental hygiene – good old-fashioned daily brushing and flossing. That means carrying the necessary tools with you – a travel toothbrush, toothpaste and floss so that you can get busy after that garlic-laced lunch salad or tuna fish sandwich. And don’t forget to brush or scrape your tongue which is notorious for collecting a lot of the gunk that contributes to bad breath. Your dentist probably has a favorite tongue scraper he or she can recommend.

Make sure your diet includes plenty of leafy green vegetables and water-rich vegetables. Not only do these provide important vitamins and fiber, they help promote good saliva production which is essential to good breath. Drinking plenty of water will also help maintain fresh breath and a healthy body.

Of course all of these tips are pointless if you smoke. It’s bad for your breath and bad for you.

We have no problem with the occasional breath mint or gum – which indeed can give instant fresh breath in a pinch – but make sure you use only the sugar-free varieties and don’t use them in place of proper oral hygiene or the tips offered here. So happy National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day everybody! Here’s hoping your breath is always as sweet as you are.