Twelve Tips of Christmas for Dental Health

Twelve Tips of Christmas for Dental Health
December 1, 2023 Jennifer Krupa
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Twelve Tips of Christmas for Dental Health

‘Tis the season to be jolly and keep those pearly whites in tip-top shape! We know maintaining dental health during the holiday season can be as challenging as untangling Christmas lights. But fear not, we’ve got Twelve Tips of Christmas for Dental Health that will make you the real MVP of your dentist’s nice list.

1. Maintain Your Brushing Routine
Santa may only come once a year, but plaque is a year-round visitor. Don’t let holiday festivities throw your brushing routine off track. Remember, good dental hygiene is the real secret to catching all those holiday treats.

2. Sugar-Free Christmas Desserts
Santa’s waistline isn’t the only thing that should stay slim during the holidays. Opt for sugar-free desserts, because nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a cavity-free smile.

3. No More Candies
Resist the sweet temptation! Just like that questionable fruitcake, candies and sweets can leave a lasting bad impression on your oral health. Doc’s orders: cut back on the sugar intake and give your teeth a holiday break.

4. Moderate Your Alcohol
Too much holiday cheer can lead to a toothache next year. Practice moderation at those festive gatherings—your teeth will thank you later. After all, nothing says “ouch” like a champagne-induced dental emergency.

5. Say No to Carbonic Drinks
Bubbly and acidic drinks might make your taste buds dance, but they can turn your enamel into a Grinch. Opt for beverages that won’t turn your teeth into a winter wonderland for dental bacteria.

6. Fruits and Veggies are the Real MVPs
Deck the halls with fresh fruits and vegetables! They not only keep you healthy but also ensure your teeth stay strong and sparkling. It’s like giving your mouth a festive fruit basket.

7. Holiday Brushing Kit: Your Dental Sidekick
Holiday trips can be as unpredictable as your uncle’s dance moves at the Christmas party. Be prepared with a handy dental brushing kit, because you never know when mistletoe will strike.

8. Gifts that Sparkle, Not Decay
This year, be the gift-giving guru who thinks outside the (candy) box. Find exciting gifts for kids that won’t leave their dentist shaking their head. Let’s spread joy, not cavities!

9. Chew Sugar-Free Gums for a Shining Smile
Pop a sugar-free gum and let your smile shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose. Not only will it lower your risk of cavities, but your breath will be minty fresh for all those holiday minglings.

10. Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools
Resist the urge to channel your inner MacGyver. Using your teeth as a bottle opener or gift ribbon cutter might sound cool, but it’s a surefire way to land on the dental naughty list.

11. Avoid Biting on Hard Foods
Hard foods might be a holiday staple, but your teeth aren’t nutcrackers. Save yourself from dental drama and opt for treats that won’t leave your teeth feeling like they’ve been on a sleigh ride without a seatbelt.

12. Schedule Your Next Dental Visit
Give yourself the gift of a healthy and bright smile. Schedule your next dental visit because nothing says “Happy New Year” like starting it off with a clean bill of dental health.

For appointments, visit, because even the Tooth Fairy knows the importance of booking ahead. May your holidays be filled with laughter, love, and teeth as bright as Rudolph’s nose!