Important Coronavirus/COVID-19 Patient Information

Important Coronavirus/COVID-19 Patient Information
March 16, 2020 Jennifer Krupa
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Important Coronavirus/COVID-19 Patient Information

To Our DOC Patient Family,

We have spent the last several days and weeks learning more about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world, our nation, our state, and our local communities. For Dentistry of the Carolinas, that means understanding how this rapidly evolving situation affects our patients and employees, and then being prepared to make any necessary adjustments to ensure keeping everyone safe.

Please rest assured that accomplishing this goal is routine for us, as we continually practice universal precautions and maintain a high standard of sterilization and disinfection techniques as mandated by CDC and OSHA guidelines. Our clinical settings are some of the safest and cleanest environments and we are committed to protecting your overall health and well-being at ALL times. Therefore, Dentistry of the Carolinas will continue to serve our patients as we feel strongly that maintaining your dental health goes hand-in-hand with your overall well-being.

Based on what we have learned about COVID-19, Dentistry of the Carolinas will be taking the following extended measures to protect our patients and employees. We kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

1. If you have had a fever in last 24-48 hours, have a severe cough, been in contact with someone with flu-like symptoms, feel worn down, or do not feel like your normal self, please reschedule your appointment.

2. Please wash your hands with soap and warm water often and after any skin-to-skin hand contact.

3. When planning your visit to the office, the reception area is reserved for patients only. For our patients who are minors, they may be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian. We politely ask any additional non-patients to wait outside of the facility.

4. Upon entering our offices, you will be asked to wash your hands.

5. Your temperature will be taken when you are seated in the treatment room.

6. At the beginning of each appointment, you will be asked to pre-rinse and gargle with a mouthwash.

7. Upon exiting the office, you will again be asked to wash your hands.

In addition:

1. Employees who have a fever or any flu-like symptoms will stay at home.

2. We will also give our patients the option to avoid the waiting room by waiting in their cars and we will call or text when your room is ready.

3. We have removed fabric pillows and magazines and are actively reducing the number of
surfaces patients have to touch.

4. If you are at high risk for the coronavirus, meaning patients over 60 with chronic issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular (heart), and pulmonary (lung) disease, please reschedule.

~ Your DOC Family