Orthodontic Self-Care During COVID-19

Orthodontic Self-Care During COVID-19
April 8, 2020 Jennifer Krupa
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Depending upon the type of orthodontic care you may be receiving, more than likely you are not visiting your orthodontist or regular dentist’s office at this time due to COVID-19. Because of this, we asked Charlotte’s favorite orthodontist, Dr. Chase Prettyman of Prettyman Orthodontics, to share his tips for proper at-home orthodontic self-care until offices resume normal business hours.

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Even though we cannot see you in our offices at this time, your orthodontic treatment is still progressing and your braces will continue to straighten your teeth, even with this temporary disruption.

Continue wearing elastics as prescribed. Proper elastic wear will continue to correct your bite. If you run out of elastics, call us at 704.247.9150 and we will mail you more.

Be extra careful during this time to avoid sticky and chewy foods that could break brackets or dislodge wires. If you have a wire that is poking you, try to use a small nail clipper to trim it, or use wax for temporary relief. You can also try to use a pencil eraser to attempt to tuck it back in.

Chase Prettyman, DDS, MSD

If you have a bracket that breaks, it is okay! We will fix it at your next visit.

Keep those teeth super clean. Brush and floss often!

Continue wearing your aligners as instructed. After finishing your last aligner that was provided, you may wear it at night only if you wish (but don’t stop wearing completely). This will maintain the position of your teeth until next visit.
Keep your trays clean and avoid any drinks other than water to prevent staining. Always wash your hands before placing and removing your aligners.

Turn your expander as we instructed at your last visit and STOP on the last day. The expander will hold the position until you are able to see us again and we can determine if more turning is needed.


  • Continue wearing your retainers as instructed.
  • Be careful not to lose or break your retainers!
  • Clean your retainers regularly with a toothbrush and water.

A big thanks to Dr. Prettyman for sharing these helpful hints.

If you are a patient of Prettyman Orthodontics and require emergency care, they are available for true orthodontic emergency situations by appointment only at their SouthPark office. Call 704.247.9150 to schedule an appointment.

If you are a patient of Dentistry of the Carolinas and have a true dental emergency, patients are being treated at our SouthPark office by appointment only. Call 704.523.1462 to schedule.