Team Spotlight: Starr Hill, DAII

Team Spotlight: Starr Hill, DAII
February 4, 2020 Jennifer Krupa
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Staff Profile – Starr Hill, DAII
Dentistry of the Carolinas

Shining a spotlight on our wonderful employees, we ask our featured team members why they got into dentistry as well as other fun questions that will allow our patients to get to know their dental care team better.

Starr has been a bright spot on our dental assistant team for nearly 20 years! She joined the DOC family in 2001 and was trained by DOC Founder, Dr. Walsh. One of her favorite parts of working for DOC is that it is family oriented company.

Born in Gastonia and raised in Stanley, Starr enjoys spending time with Ricky – her husband of 20 years – and their two teenage kids.

Starr’s Favorites:

Where would you go in a time machine (and why): Back to when my kids were babies

Adjective that you want everyone to feel when they think of you: Willing to help out