Team Spotlight: Rina Morales, DAII

Team Spotlight: Rina Morales, DAII
January 21, 2020 Jennifer Krupa
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Staff Profile – Rina Morales, DAII
Dentistry of the Carolinas

Dental assistant, Rina, relaxing in her down time

Shining a spotlight on our wonderful employees, we ask our featured team members why they got into dentistry as well as other fun questions that will allow our patients to get to know their dental care team better.

Rina Morales has been part of the Dentistry of the Carolinas dental assistant team since 2007. Born and raised in Honduras, she moved to New York City where she worked in the maternity unit at North Shore Hospital. She relocated to Charlotte in 2006 and attended Lake Norman Dental Assistant School where she received her dental assistant certification.

Rina, age 8

“I am happy to be working at Dentistry of the Carolinas because it is an excellent company that provides their employees with good benefits, and is very supportive of our professional development,” says Rina who has seen the dental industry transition from paper charts to digital charts and X-Rays on the computers. “I love how Dentistry of the Carolinas keeps up with new technology and how there is always something new to learn here.”

When she is not helping create beautiful smiles for DOC patients, Rina enjoys time with her husband of 26 years and their two kids. She is also very involved in the ministry of dance and drama and dance at her church. Rina proudly received her “Permanent Residence” status in 2018. In 2023 she can officially become a US citizen. After 25 years, she is on her way to acquiring her dream of American citizenship.

Rina & Family

Rina’s Favorites:
Most Desired Super Power: Super Human Endurance to be able to run long distances and have endless energy after work to continue working around my house.

Where would you go in a time machine (and why): I would go back in a time machine to the 80’s because we did not have the Internet and smart phones back then, we spent time playing together and not through a phone with friends. I miss those days when we played football soccer at school recess.

Items you’d want on a deserted island, other than food and water: My guitar, books, my Bible and a CD player with a bunch of batteries.

Adjective that you want everyone to feel when they think of you: Joyous, patient, generous, polite and self-controlled.