Why Professional Tooth Whitening and not OTC?

Why Professional Tooth Whitening and not OTC?
October 9, 2014 BrightFlow Technologies

In dentistry, there is rarely a “one size fits all” solution. Tooth Whitening offers no exception to this rule. There are several differences between a professional tooth whitening treatment vs. over-the-counter treatment.

A professional whitening treatment may be an in-office treatment, where your whitening procedure takes place in the dental operatory. Another form of a professional whitening treatment can be a custom fabricated whitening tray where your procedure may take place in the comfort of your own home. The two biggest differences between a professional tooth treatment and an over-the-counter treatment are:

1.) the difference in custom fit and adaptation of the delivery of the whitening solution

2.) the type of and concentration of the ingredients of the whitening solution

We know that the two variables to an effective whitening treatment are the strength of the solution and the exposure time of the solution to the tooth. If an area of the tooth is not adequately exposed to the whitening solution, then it doesn’t matter how strong the solution is…the treatment will not be effective. This is why a custom-fabricated whitening tray is so important. A standard whitening strip will not be able to adapt to all areas of each person’s teeth, thereby making the procedure ineffective. Finally, with a professional treatment, you have the knowledge and comfort that your procedure is being monitored and instructed by a licensed dental professional. Many times, over-the-counter products can cause scraping or irritation to the gums. With a professional custom-fitted tray, we can virtually eliminate this ill-fit. If there are any concerns with the treatment, they can be immediately addressed within the office.

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