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Get In-Chair Tooth Whitening at 50% Off
When you call Dentistry of the Carolinas during March and April to book your appointment.

HURRY! This is a one-time offer this year and the cost will never be lower.

Treat yourself to professional in-chair tooth whitening in just one quick session (no more than 90 minutes) and in a safe and controlled procedure.

The process – known as chair-side bleaching – takes place in the comfort of any of our Dentistry of the Carolinas offices. After you kick back and relax in the dental chair, one of our dental care professionals will apply a solution on your teeth, followed by a light or laser to enhance the whitening agent. This fast and safe approach will give you the lightest shade realistically possible and better controls gum and tooth sensitivity.

There are many benefits to in-chair whitening:

  • Immediate visible results of 3-5 shades lighter
  • Effectively removes unsightly stains
  • Quick, easy and affordable
  • A spectacular smile in 90 minutes
  • Dental professional at your side throughout the entire process

Call your DOC dentist to see if tooth whitening could work for your smile.  To take the next step, choose your office location on the right side of the page and call us today.