Guard Against the Daily Grind

Guard Against the Daily Grind
April 27, 2023 Jennifer Krupa
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Night Guards/Occlusal Guards: Guard Against the Daily Grind!

Your teeth may be under some serious pressure and need your help. Studies show that grinding or clenching your teeth can apply more than 200 pounds of pressure to your teeth. That’s over 10 times more pressure than just chewing!

Tooth grinding or jaw clenching – also known as Bruxism – can result from stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, smoking, heavy alcohol and depression. Symptoms can range from ear pain, headaches, jaw soreness and, TMJ to tooth recession, tooth sensitivity and tooth damage. The general wear and tear from tooth grinding or clenching may be unnoticeable to you, but not to your DOC dentist.

Regularly wearing a night guard, also known as an occlusal guard, can help protect your teeth and even crowns, and reduce the impact of grinding or clenching on your teeth and gums.

Everyone can benefit from wearing a night/occlusal guard. Protect your teeth from the daily grind by getting a custom-fitted night/occlusal guard.

This minimal investment now can help stop any further damage to your teeth and prevent more costly and painful dental procedures down the road. If you have dental insurance, check with your company as most insurances will cover the cost of a night/occlusal guard appliance.

Talk to your DOC dentist about night guard options at your next appointment or schedule your appointment today.