It’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week

It’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week
March 6, 2023 Jennifer Krupa
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Smile! It’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week™. Dental assisting continues to diversify and expand. Whether working chairside with the dentist, taking x–rays or managing the business office, teaching or working in insurance or sales, dental assistants are vital to the success of the dental practice. Dentistry of the Carolinas is excited to recognize the contributions of our hard-working dental assistants.

Dental Assistants Recognition Week™, March 5-11, 2023, is a week-long tribute to the commitment and dedication dental assistants exhibit throughout the year.

“The Heart of Dental Office Through Education, Commitment, & Safety” is the theme for the 46th annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week. It is a time for dental assistants to receive greater recognition for their own unique and diverse contributions to the dental profession and the dental health care of the public.


Dental Assistants Recognition Week is sponsored by the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). ADAA has been the recognized voice of dental assisting for more than 90 years. It remains committed to promoting quality dental health care to the public and enhancing the public image and stature of the dental assisting profession.