Appointment Policy: Importance of Confirming Your Appointment

Appointment Policy: Importance of Confirming Your Appointment
June 21, 2022 Jennifer Krupa
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Why We Ask You to Confirm Your Appointment

We get it—you never miss an appointment. Once you’ve scheduled, you’re committed to it.

But life gets in the way and even the best laid plans are forgotten, including the important dental check-up. This is why DOC uses a patient reminder system providing a convenient and simple tool to help you remember your next dental visit. To ensure you’re properly confirming your appointment, and why we ask you to do so, keep reading.

How our patient reminder system works:

  1. First Appointment Confirmation: Two weeks before your appointment, you will receive a text message or email asking you to confirm that you plan on attending your upcoming visit.
    1. To confirm, you must respond to the prompt in either the text message or email.
      • By text, simply reply with the letter C
      • Via email, click on the Confirm button and your appointment is saved
    2. On the day of your confirmed appointment, you will receive an appointment reminder* two hours before the appointment time
  2. Second Appointment Confirmation: If you fail to respond to the first text message or email, you will receive a second appointment confirmation two to four days before the appointment.
    1. To confirm, see steps above
    2. If confirmed, you will receive a friendly reminder on the day of your appointment two hours before the appointment time
  1. Unconfirmed appointments will be canceled. If the appointment remains “unconfirmed” 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, it is canceled and removed from the calendar.

This policy allows DOC to treat as many patients as possible by replacing unconfirmed appointments with patients who are on a waiting list. Utilizing this system allows us to quickly replace a “schedule opening” with another worthy patient eager to see the dentist.

We value each of our patients and believe this process benefits everyone. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

*If, at any point, you feel you are receiving too many reminders, simply call the office and they can customize how many emails or texts you receive.