DOC Hygienist Carrie & Why You Should Consider Invisalign

DOC Hygienist Carrie & Why You Should Consider Invisalign
November 22, 2021 Jennifer Krupa
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For Carrie, DOC hygienist and Invisalign® patient, the results are clear

As a dental hygienist since 2011, Carrie knows straighter teeth mean more than a pretty smile.

According to Carrie, “Most patients know that crowded teeth are more difficult to keep clean. They may not be aware of the impact that crowded teeth (or a misaligned bite) can have on dental restorations, like crowns. As your teeth shift over time, the change in your bite can impact the crowns on your opposite teeth causing cracks or breakage. Invisalign® treatment protects your natural teeth and your existing dental restorations.”

The best part of Carrie’s Invisalign® treatment? “How easy it is now to keep my teeth clean and knowing I’ve prevented future issues with my current crown.”

Because she’s experienced the process first-hand, Carrie confidently recommends Invisalign® to her patients who want to protect their dental investment. Carrie shares, “Damage from a misaligned bite may cost you much more in the long run than Invisalign treatment.”

Her words of wisdom for someone considering Invisalign? “Do it! You won’t regret it.”

Now it’s your turn to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Through December 31st, choose the Invisalign® discount that works best for your budget. Save 15% off Invisalign® treatment OR receive free Vivera retainers after you complete your Invisalign treatment.

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