Keep the Holidays Sweet and Cavity-Free

Keep the Holidays Sweet and Cavity-Free
December 18, 2019 Jennifer Krupa
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Keep the Holidays Sweet and Cavity-Free

According to the National Confectioners Association, more than 90 percent of Americans plan to gift or share chocolate and candy this holiday season.

So when you are eyeing all those amazing treats, use moderation when enjoying your favorite goodies. The following are tips from the American Dental Association (ADA) to stay mouth healthy and to keep the holidays cavity-free:

Serve Sweets with Meals: Because saliva production increases during meals and helps neutralize acid in the mouth, it can help to eat sugary food with meals or shortly after mealtime.

Drink Water: Limit the amount of soda, sports drink and juice, which are loaded with sugar. Drink water instead. It will keep you energized and mouth healthy.

Protect Your Teeth: Sticky foods tend to stay on teeth. So if dried fruit is your go-to snack or you nibble on some gummy treats, rinse with water and brush carefully after eating them. Also, starchy foods, such as cakes and chips, can get trapped in your teeth, so be sure to floss daily to remove food particles. Be careful when eating hard candy and nuts to avoid chipping or breaking a tooth.

Eat Healthy: Use the holiday season to build better eating habits for your overall health and a healthy smile. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese for snacks. Vary your diet with lean protein, whole grains and low-fat or dairy-free foods. Check out these 6 Mouth Healthy Holiday Snacks from the ADA.

Schedule Year-End Dental Visit: If you have time off during the holidays, it’s a great opportunity to have a dental cleaning and check-up. Schedule your end-of-year dental appointment for you and your family today.

Be sure to brush twice and floss once daily. Keep sugar-free gum on hand to chew after meals or holiday treats. Following these tips along with a good daily oral health care routine, your mouth will thank you and be able to endure a cavity-free holiday season.