DOC Hygienists Share What They Enjoy Most

DOC Hygienists Share What They Enjoy Most
October 17, 2019 Jennifer Krupa
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What do you enjoy most about being a dental hygienist?

October is National Dental Hygiene Month. To commemorate this month and Dentistry of the Carolinas’ wonderful hygienists, we asked our hygiene team why they love what they do. Here’s what they had to say.

What I enjoy the most of being a dental hygienist are the relationships I build with our patients. They are irreplaceable. Watching that child that I saw for their very first visit, turn into a young adult and then go off to college is the coolest and makes what I do the most awesome job in the world!
∼ Angela T

Restoring someone’s smile and overall confidence is so rewarding! A clean mouth is the first step to oral health!
∼ Taya K

I love creating a bond with my patients and building relationships so they trust me with their smiles!
∼ Ashley F

I enjoy my commitment to patient overall health and meeting new people!
∼ Robin B

My patients are what I love most about my job. I’m thankful to have a career that benefits others by helping them have healthy smiles.
∼ Jan G

My patients are my favorite part of being a hygienist, and I love them like family. I love my career and couldn’t imagine doing anything else 😃
∼ Crissy L

It is rewarding meeting new people and caring for patients I’ve seen regularly for years. I love getting to know my patients, easing fears and taking care of people.
∼ Hunter F

I enjoy every aspect of being a hygienist! I take pride in being able to make patients healthier and love bonding with each one. I hope my daughter is a hygienist just like me!
∼ Cassie P

Getting to help people every day in some way or another is one the best parts of my job. It may be their oral health, or it may just be because they needed someone they could talk to and a friendly face.
∼ Dee Dee F

The long-lasting relationships that I build as a hygienist are priceless. It is so rewarding to educate my patients about their mouths and how important their oral health is to their overall wellness.
∼ Katie S

Creating relationships and helping people to love their smile are among the many reasons I love my career. It brings me joy to see returning patients’ oral health improve every time I see them.
∼ Carrie T

I value the relationships that I have built with my patients over the past 25 years.
∼ Jennifer C

Connecting with my patients and seeing smiles restored is simply the best!
∼ Deana H

My patients are amazing! There’s nothing better than hearing them say how good it feels after they get their teeth cleaned.
∼ Dimitra

I love being a hygienist because of the people you meet and relationships you form with your patients. It also is a good feeling to help patients in their overall health by the education and preventative services we provide as hygienists. I’m happy to help the community in any way possible and being a hygienist helps me to contribute.
∼ Ashley Davis

I value the relationships that I establish with my patients. Some of them feel like family to me.
∼ Jennifer Kriebel

Knowing that I’m able to help patients keep their smiles for a lifetime is a huge feeling of accomplishment.
∼ Kristy Hamilton