The Bad and the Ugly of Vaping

The Bad and the Ugly of Vaping
August 12, 2019 Jennifer Krupa
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The Bad and the Ugly of Vaping

While nicotine devices such as e-cigarettes, vape pens and JUULs are marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, the reality is that there is no such thing as a healthy tobacco product.

According to research supported by the ADA Foundation, the complexity of e-cigarettes on human health doesn’t impact just respiratory and cardiac symptoms, but also oral health. Vaping can cause gum disease that can lead to tooth loss, tissue and bone loss, and myriad other problems with your teeth.

Sadly, e-cigarettes have reached epidemic levels among youth. With their disguisable shapes and multiple flavor offerings, it’s no wonder why they are appealing to youth. It is estimated that one in five high students may be using tobacco products. According to the FDA, 3.62 million middle and high school students were current users of e-cigarettes in 2018. In addition, e-cigarette use from 2017-2018 increases 78% among high school students and 48% among middle school students.

Research shows that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and produce aerosols that can cause irreversible lung damage and may make the product even more addictive. While some people may try vaping for smoking cessation, studies show that smokers who used e-cigarettes to help them quit were 59% less likely to stop than those who didn’t.

Learn more about the dangers of vaping and how to talk to your kids about it through these videos.

Protect your health and smile by quitting any form of tobacco or non-cigarette alternatives that you are using. Click here for some smoking cessation tips from the ADA and be sure to discuss any quitting options with your dentist or doctor.