The Truth About Dentures and Partials

The Truth About Dentures and Partials
March 5, 2018 Jennifer Krupa
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The Truth About Dentures and Partials

If you are living with missing teeth, you have undoubtedly noticed some unpleasant lifestyle changes. You may lack confidence or suffer embarrassment when you speak or smile. Eating and chewing food has likely become more of a challenge and it may be that you can no longer enjoy some of your favorite foods. In addition, your physical facial appearance may have changed, sagging in the areas where teeth are not present. The good news is by using dentures or partials, these problems can be corrected. Let’s take a detailed look at both of these modern dental miracles.

  • Partials: Partials are removable replacements for one or a few individual missing teeth. They rest in line with your already existing healthy teeth and basically fill in the gaps. They will be specifically crafted by skilled artisans to match your existing gum tissue, compliment your facial features and coloring, and ensure optimal comfort.


  • Dentures: Dentures are removable replacements for all of the upper or lower teeth, or in some cases, both. Like partials they are typically made from acrylic resins and specifically crafted to match your mouth and existing gum tissue. Modern dentures feel, look, and function very similar to natural teeth. They are almost impossible to detect and only you and your dentist ever need know you’re wearing them.

In the beginning, partials or dentures may feel a little awkward simply because they are a new sensation you’re not used to. This is normal and in practically no time you’ll become used to wearing them and usually forget you have them on. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on wearing and caring for your partials or dentures. Following these instructions to the letter is imperative. Sometimes a patient may require a small adjustment to their partial or dentures to make sure they fit more comfortably.

Patients who successfully make the transition to wearing partials or dentures report a restored since of confidence, better eating experiences, and even improved speech patterns. If you have missing teeth, we recommend talking to one of our experienced and caring dentists right away so together you can explore the many options available.