Tooth Extractions – There’s Absolutely Nothing to Fear!

Tooth Extractions – There’s Absolutely Nothing to Fear!
February 21, 2018 Jennifer Krupa
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Tooth Extractions – There’s Absolutely Nothing to Fear!

You need to have a tooth pulled – or as we say, extracted! Very few phrases strike more fear in patients than that one but you really have nothing to worry about. Dentistry of the Carolinas uses only the most modern procedural methods and anesthesia so even if you are faced with this often dreaded procedure, your tooth extraction experience will be completely pain free.

Technically they call it belonephobia – the fear of needles and sharp instruments. Funny – we kind of thought everybody had it, so we understand your anxiety and concerns. Our gentle chair-side manner will help reassure you and alleviate any apprehension you may have. By utilizing oral conscious sedation, you will feel safe, comfortable and very relaxed.

While it’s certainly nobody’s first choice, there are actually very good reasons why a patient might need a tooth extracted. Those include orthodontics, denture preparation, impaired or nonfunctional teeth, and of course everyone’s favorite – impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth (or third molars) are the last teeth grow in. Because the modern jaw shape often will not accommodate wisdom teeth, they can cause problems for many people. Often, wisdom teeth will grow in sideways, or a partial eruption may crowd existing teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are those that fail to erupt and can also crowd or damage neighboring teeth or, in some cases, lead to cyst or tumor formation.

Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction for damaged or decayed teeth, as well as teeth associated with advanced gum disease. The latter is especially important because if decayed or damaged teeth are left in the mouth, they can cause acute pain and further gum and bone loss.

The good news is if you do need an extraction, our dentists and staff and Dentistry of the Carolinas will make sure your experience is relaxed and completely pain free. In this age of modern dentistry, there is truly nothing to fear.